A Day in Upper East Side

The Upper East Side neighborhood has played such a significant role in the history of your country that you sometimes want to pinch yourself, just thinking you have managed to rent your first apartment here. The 5th Avenue stretch of the neighborhood was known as the “Millionaires Row” at the turn of the 19th century. In the past, the area was the home to the Vanderbilts, the Astors, and the Carnegies. In its heyday, UES was entrenched with mansions upon mansions.


For your first meal of the day, you opt for Sable’s. This gourmet Jewish deli is essentially the Russ & Daughters of the UES. They carry easily some of the best smoked products in the city. Today you are going with the classic morning meal: lox and cream cheese on a bagel. Don’t leave Sable’s without a taste of their sturgeon. For coffee and maybe even a pastry, consider Neil’s Coffee Shop or Orwasher’s. Honestly, the morning meals in the UES may just be the neighborhood’s strongest asset.


Jones Wood Foundry

The lunch scene in the UES is laid back and muted compared to other sprawling NYC neighborhoods. Still, naturally, there’s some great finds for your mid-day meal. There’s the famous Papaya King on 86th, the Flex Mussels and J.G. Melon. But the best all-around spot is the Jones Wood Foundry at 76th Street. The British gastropub’s food and drinks are focused on the motherland. Here, you’ll get a chance to enjoy hard to find British beers paired with early-morning soccer matches. If you’re on a budget, the lunch express option is a perfect choice, sure to satiate with a cup of soup and BBQ pulled pork sandwich. There’s also a 3-course prix fixe meal that includes one appetizer (a choice of tomato bisque, kale salad or house made ricotta), one main dish (shepherd’s pie, grilled chicken salad, or salmon) and finally the desert in the form of chocolate mousse. If you’re more in the mood for a regular menu, sample the bone marrow, scotch egg or chicken foie gras. But don’t leave (this is a British pub after all!) without trying the authentically prepared fish and chips.

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The Metropolitan Museum of Art

There’s nothing like The Metropolitan Museum of Art. Conveniently, this great institution is just around the corner from your new place. The charm of “The Met” has turned the art museum into one of the largest and most visited in the world, shoulder-to-shoulder with the Louvre. The Met carries untold collections, curating works from classical antiquity to Ancient Egypt (yes, there’s even a pyramid on the first floor). You could spend hours at this spectacular museum browsing the antique weapons and armor alone. The sheer vastness of The Met is sure to make each visit a refreshing experience. And now there’s The Met Rooftop Bar, a truly lovely seasonal attraction with breathtaking views.


Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum

The art-driven history of the UES can’t be complete without a visit to the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum at 88th Street and 5th Avenue. The building’s architecture is an art marvel, its cylindrical design a creation of the legendary Frank Lloyd Wright. The spot has become one of the more recognized New York City landmarks since it opened its doors to the public in 1937. The museum focuses its collections on Impressionist and Post-Impressionist artists. There are also roving exhibits that put forward modern and contemporary art such as works from Fernand Leger, Franz Marc and Jean Metzinger.

A Night in Upper East Side


169 E 71st Street

The UES has a significant cultural presence in New York City… since well before the 20th Century. Two contemporary landmarks, however, are sure to pique your interest. On 85th Street, between Lexington and 3rd Avenue, is a building that you feel you’ve seen before. The familiarity comes from the fact it was made famous as the high-rise that “The Jefferson’s” lived in on the hit 1970s television show. Just a little bit south, at 169 East 71st Street, is the townhouse where Holly lived in the movie "Breakfast at Tiffany’s.”


Bemelmans Bar

The quality of cocktail joints in the UES will make you giddy. They are truly some of the best in the city and they aren’t as busy as in other parts of NYC. Lexington Bar and Books features an impressive scotch and whiskey collection. There’s also the sleek Arlington Club. But probably in a class entirely of its own is the Bemelmans Bar. The art deco bar is located in the lobby of the famed Carlyle Hotel and was named after the Ludwig Bemelman, the creator of the classic children’s book series Madeline. The walls are the first thing you notice as they’re covered with artwork from the Madeline books. The silence is the next thing your senses will take in. The sound here is the quality of just a slight whisper, making the setting perfect for a romantic cocktail. The chocolate-brown leather banquettes and nickel-trimmed glass tabletops create a dramatic but classy setting, and the drinks are straightforward: classic cocktails abound.


Pony Bar

The nights in the UES ooze class. So, if you are looking for your traditional late night, you could be disappointed. There aren’t many great dive bars or even traditional Irish pubs around. The closest has to be the Pony Bar at East 75th Street. The small corner bar features great Belgian beers that rotate weekly. The vibe here is more of a stylized dive, giving you a welcome break from the higher-end cocktail and jazz joints.

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You will be surprised by the easygoing dinner scene in the UES. Here, you’ll encounter casual fine dining at its best. For some great eats, check out Eastfields, The East Pole and the famed Sushi of Gar. Your first dinner in your new neighborhood has got to be at Uva. The Italian bistro and wine bar provides an intimate setting with a rustic look built by a combination of exposed brick and low-hanging chandeliers. The food itself is impressive with a great meat board or antipasti for two. Sample one of the many bruschettas and pasta, and try not to miss the Vitello Gratinato Con Melanzane (veal topped with Italian eggplant and soft pecorino cheese with rosemary sauce).


Cafe Carlyle

The commute to your next stop is easy. Literally a room over is the Cafe Carlyle. The famed jazz club has a vibe similar to that of Bemelmans’, with artwork wrapped around the room. Gigantic Steinway piano presides at the center of the room. For a change of pace, New Orleans jazz bands make an appearance here weekly. If you decide to come on a Monday evening, you will get a chance to spot a local, famous resident: Woody Allen. The legendary director shows up regularly to play the clarinet with Eddy Davis.

Words by Arte Vincent

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