A Day in Chelsea

Entering your newest digs in Chelsea, you instantly feel connected to the city and merged into one with its culture and diversity. More than anything, your new life in Chelsea is starting to shape up as a "uniquely yours" type of experience. In a few broad brush strokes, you take in its major draws. The blend of old and new, including the remnants of the old Grand Opera House on 8th and West 23rd Street, the world-famous Chelsea Hotel and the Irish Repertory Theatre on West 22nd Street, entice your architectural and metropolitan soul. Every day, with its 200+ galleries, your neighborhood puts on a well-fitting costume of an art and fashion mecca. A well-established LGBTQ community, Chelsea makes it clear that your life will be enhanced simply by virtue of you living here.

The High Line

The sun rises above. There’s only one — very obvious — place to take in the rays and wake up: The High Line. The elevated linear park opened in 2009 and has instantly become the most visited park in the city after Central Park. The 3-mile nouveau promenade, formerly a New York Central Railroad system called the West Side Line, begins at Gansevoort Street and ends at 34th Street. The park is filled with trees, greenery, artwork, benches. The most dazzling part of your early morning will be just sitting and taking in the city scenery at the Urban Theater, an amphitheater that overlooks the intersection of 10th Avenue and 17th Street. If you crave  more sun there’s always the 23rd Street Lawn, just a perfect city spot to stretch and lay back.  



Okay, your day has officially begun. No time to dawdle around, you feel like you MUST jump right into the fashion scene in New York City's most fashionable neighborhood. The first stop is the STORY, a unique retail store that takes on the point of view of a magazine. This means STORY changes theme and merchandise every four-to-eight weeks to keep things fresh. The highlight of the area is clearly Barney’s New York. Besides the fact that it’s Barney’s, the clothing retail store has some of the most aesthetically-pleasing architecture outside of the Guggenheim. The most glaring structural wizardry is the spiral staircase smacked in its middle.


The Museum at FIT

Living in the epicenter of the world of NYC fashion has its perks. And the biggest is that you are just steps from The Museum at FIT. Founded in 1969, the museum is one of the foremost in the world. You will have firsthand accounts of some of the most innovative exhibits in the fashion world — such as contemporary collections from Christian Dior, Yves Saint Laurent and Gabrielle Coco Chanel. The three designers were actually featured in the Paris Refashioned (1957-1968) exhibit, which chronicled the societal shifts for females in fashion. There are other rotating exhibits that include work from African-American fashion designers. Above all else, the absolute best thing about this museum is that it’s free. 



Feeling like needing to get touch with your artistic side? Drop by the Unarthodox, a unique art studio that gives visitors the chance to channel their inner artsy side. They offer programs such as Sculpture Without Sight, making the participants stimulate their mental visual selves, creating sculptures  - blindfolded. There’s also the most studio’s most popular program: the Intuitive Art Class. The class propels the participants to create an expressive art piece with acrylic paint and then the art work is manipulated by a 270 degree projection of two distinct films using various visuals. The experience is intended for the participant to make a connection between intuitive thinking and creative process. 

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The utlra-stylized demeanor of Chelsea can be encapsulated with a breakfast at Cafeteria. The chic 24-hour restaurant was made famous by Sex and the City in the 1990's. Nothing has slowed this gourmet diner since. The approach is still pretty much the same: a simple but tasty endeavor. There are plentiful choices for early-morning bites, from the buttermilk biscuit sandwich or lemon ricotta pancakes to truffled eggs with prosciutto and parmesan. If you're looking for a tamer setting, take a swing by Citizens of Chelsea, an Australian breakfast and lunch spot that serves outrageously good Melbourne-style coffee.


Chelsea Market

Lunch should be an easy choice because of the ultimate foodie hotspot called Chelsea Market... just blocks from your new pad. The marketplace has taken on legendary popularity in the last five years, welcoming more than 30 different types of eateries under its roof. Hunting down a lunch could be a challenge for the not easily decided. There’s Bar Suzette for crepes or Cappone’s for Italian sandwiches. Lunch options continue with Chelsea Creamline and their  tasty corn dogs. If you are craving seafood, then Cull & Pistol, with their amazing raw bar, is the place for you. But if you are looking for more a intimate lunch, take a seat at Morimoto for some Japanese eats with the world-famous Iron Chef.


Chelsea Piers

You've gotten the fashion bug out of your system, so now for activities. Chelsea Piers, the city’s ultimate playground and its most comprehensive sporting center. STAT. There’s pretty much any athletic endeavor you can think of at the Piers. The best part? The views are magnificent. At Chelsea Piers, you have the option to hit golf balls on a gigantic driving range, or bowl at the Bowlmor Lanes. In the winter months, you’ll have a chance to play ice hockey on their all-purpose skating rink. They offer figure-skating school as well as prep hockey. Indoor soccer and lacrosse leagues are at the Chelsea Piers Field House. You can climb walls. You can fence. You can... really, anything sports.

A Night in Chelsea


The Red Cat

Time to fill your belly. Like in most NYC neighborhoods, the culinary choices are very many. There’s Mario Batali’s Del Posto or the seafood favorite The Frying Pan. If you’re looking for street eats, then Los Tacos No. 1 in Chelsea Market is the definite local favorite. But your dinner reservations tonight are for The Red Cat. The neighborhood joint is legendary Chef Jimmy Bradley's latest venture. One of the reasons you are eating here tonight is the unpretentious feel of the eatery. The service is attitude-free (weird, right? So unlike NYC!). Decor, with  homemade trinkets from vintage lamps to barn walls, is very grounded. Then the food hits you with the biggest surprise, a simple yet world-class flavor. Don’t miss the double pork chops with black olive-and-roast cauliflower puree. Also try a crispy sautéed skate wing with a sweet-and-sour eggplant.


The Half King

Now that you have danced off those calories and carbs, it’s time to get your drink on. Of the plentiful bars in the area, The Half King is king. First off, the place is owned and operated by famed author Sebastian Junger  (yes, the very one, the one who wrote The Perfect Storm and directed the Restrepo documentary). The bar has become as popular as Junger’s art. The rustic atmosphere is inviting, but the drinks are the big draw. Lots of beers to chose from, both craft (Bronx American Pale Ale and Bell’s seasonal) and mainstream (Coors Light and Budweiser). The cocktails are pretty darn good too. Very Berry, a mixture of Beefeater Gin, Creme De Cassis, lemon juice, simple syrup and muddle berries, is a must-try.

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Pier 63 | Hudson River Park

The three-course meal has you pumped for more adventures in your new neighborhood. The biggest and best musical venue awaits your pleasure: welcome to Pier 63 at Hudson River Park! The park itself is in the backyard of Chelsea Piers and it has been a local mainstay for years. Pier 63 has been home to many live events in the warmer months, like movie screenings. And tonight you are here for the Hudson River Dance Festival, which features a slew of live bands to get your body, mind and vocal cords moving. 


Bathtub Gin

Everyone loves a speakeasy — secretive, hidden and adventurous. Therefore, the final stop of your day is at Bathtub Gin. The underground bar is located at the back of the Stone Street Coffee Company. It's all movie-like and dreamy. You will be greeted by the entrance with the glowing red light above the door. Once through the innocuous door, you'll find yourself in a Prohibition-style watering hole. Yes, there’s even a copper bathtub in the middle of the vast drinking area. The decor goes hand in hand with the speakeasy idea, tin ceilings, pattern walls and all. But the drinks — of course all gin-based — are phenomenal. The best is the Ivory Key (gin, dry curaçao, juniper syrup, orgeat, ginger, cream, lavender bitters and mint). 

Words by Arte Vincent

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