A Day in Williamsburg

You swing your window curtains open and jump up with joy. (Now, doesn't that just sound like waking up in New York City?? No? OK. Can we please, please, pretty please, forget about our indisputable coolness for just a few?) It's a new, wonderful day to do something utterly original in the city's most unique neighborhood.

McCarren Park

You begin to make your way to the heart of Bedford Avenue — the peak of Williamsburg's pulse. There’s easily an oversupply of places to experience along the way. First, take a stop at massive McCarren Park at North 11th Street. The park has a gigantic pool (which in and of itself should be more than a good enough reason to visit) and plenty of free musical events. Go to the park’s calendar board at the entrance and jot down future concerts. Being proactive here is a must if you plan on discovering random events that are sure to later become the talk of the town and legend. As you continue on the Bedford path, you'll be shopping at the endless boutiques. First, Brooklyn Oenology is a perfect choice to pick up locally produced wine and spirits (yes, even absinthe). Then, stop by the new Kinfolk Store, which features hard-to-find menswear like Parker dip-dyed cardigans. For the ladies, there’s Bird clothing boutique, which carries the hippest clothes from contemporary designers.


The Brooklyn Star

The heart-pounding start to your day will certainly get you hungry. Off to the best breakfast/brunch spot in the area – The Brooklyn Star. Decent amount of seats, plus incredible food that puts a twist in comfort food mainstays await. You'll have your choice of fried pig tails and tater tots, apple Johnny cakes with bacon and country-fried steak with bacon.


Williamsburg Bridge

As the day reaches its midway point, take a walk around the neighborhood. The streets aren’t as jammed packed as they tend to be in the early morning or after 5 pm. You can actually take in the life of Williamsburg. The best starting point? Try under the Williamsburg Bridge on Kent Avenue. The area is gloriously industrial and offers some of the most unique views of the city. Heck, it's still the earlier part of the day, and you can even climb on the pedestrian walk on Williamsburg Bridge, easily accessible from Berry Street. Here is where you'll get your daily fix of those spectacular aerial views of Brooklyn and Manhattan.


Baked in Brooklyn

All the arts & crafts at Smorgasburg put you into a creative state. Good thing W’Burg is home to plenty of artistic outlets such as Baked in Brooklyn. No, it's not a bakery. It's a DIY ceramic warehouse where you can choose your piece to paint and design. If this is your first time, sign up for one of their classes in pottery and sculpting. You never know what talents may lay dormant.

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Morning Gloryville - North Brooklyn Farms

The first thing on your must-do-today list takes you to Morning Gloryville. The early morning rave gathering has become all the rage among fitness enthusiasts around the city. The event makes its way to Williamsburg twice every couple months — typically to Brooklyn Boulders and North Brooklyn Farms. If you want to have a high-octane start with non-stop dancing, then you wiggle your way into this group.


SoulGa Yoga at Knitting Factory Brooklyn

Now that your body breaking down nutrients has mellowed things down, it's time to meditate in fashion at SoulGa. Prepare for a special kind of yoga group designed for the music lover. The group blends Vinyasa yoga with creative music in a club-like atmosphere. DJ and yoga mats are everywhere. Typically the group meets at The Knitting Factory, and, despite its funky digs, the yoga movement is intoxicating and relaxing at the same time.


Williamsburg Smorgasburg

It’s the weekend so it only makes sense to continue down Kent onto the East River Park. As you approach, the vibe from the crowd draws you to Smorgasburg. Considered an iconic part of Brooklyn, the massive flea and festival has 100-plus vendors that feature many up-and-coming businesses, and plenty of artisanal food and drink. This is the perfect time for lunch as you find yourself delectably surrounded with pie shakes, aged cheese, organic fruits, farm fresh eggs and meats, organic hot dogs topped with pate and pork belly, porchetta sandwiches and hibiscus donuts. Beware of becoming overwhelmed with gluttonous desire. In the colder months, the place transforms into an enclosed version of itself, known as Artists & Fleas.

A Night in Williamsburg


Maison Premiere

It's dinnertime and you know you will have some decisions to make. There’s a boat-load of restaurants to choose from, such as Fette Sau, Aska and Diner. But you choose Maison Premiere. The French eatery is always busy, but the food and experience are well worth the wait. The cocktails are beyond delectable (the place is a James Beard winner!), and the oyster bar is possibly the best on the East Coast. Then, the dinner arrives and you can’t even talk after eating the Venison Tartare and the Old Spot Pork Porterhouse. There’s a reason this place is ranked as one of the best in the country.


Wythe Hotel

After a few drinks at Nitehawk, you are primed for the ultimate night excursions. There are so many places to choose from that you could easily get overwhelmed. Piece of advice? Let go. Leave behind your expectations of being able to experience it all in a day. Pick two spots: Night of Joy and Wythe Hotel. The former is one of the best cocktail bars in the city with some of the best digs to boot. The rooftop is wondrous. Remember to have the Bison Grass Vodka, Apple and Goji Berries signature drink. At the Wythe Hotel, you will have a few themes to take in like the The Ides Bar, Kinfolk 94 and Output. These are sure to fulfill you social needs.

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Nitehawk Cinema

After a meal to remember, nothing could top a trip to the nearby Nitehawk Cinema. The movie theater is one-part bar, one-part restaurant and one-part indie film hub. You can take your drink to the theaters as you take in the latest Noah Baumbach. Nitehawlk also hosts a number of signature series events, a la Film Feast (movies paired with film-inspired eats) and Live Sound Cinema (live music against silent film)


Union Pool Bar

Right about… now… may be feeling the alcohol. No better time than right now to take a cab across town to Union Pool Bar. The Williamsburg staple is a massive drinking hall crammed with themes. For good measure, there’s even a taco truck built into the decor on the outdoor patio. That will be your first stop as you devour Mexican treats. And as you end your night, take a walk into the live performance room as many local bands perform regularly.

Words by Arte Vincent

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