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David Marchman
Residential Division
Phone: 347.227.8998
Office: 718.840.2757

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Moving is undoubtedly one of the most stressful life experiences, particularly when you are doing so within the chaotic confines of New York City's five boroughs. That is inevitably compounded by the merciless nature and often aggressive attitude of the real estate market and its clergy: the brokers. In an age when the internet has dramatically eased their burden and considerably altered their function, they fanatically cling to clients like priests to their congregations. \n\nDavid Marchman was a breath of fresh air. He did not preach or deliver a didactic sermon on real estate. Instead, he was open and honest, direct and forthright. Over a period of about a month, he was exceptionally diligent and rigorous in his search on our behalf. His agenda felt like ours not his, an approach that felt shared and compassionate. I honestly believe that he cared about finding us a home that was appropriate. In that way, he never pressured us, just indicated with an insightful word or two if he thought an apartment would go quickly and fast action was required. We did take a good deal of his time, and he was flexible with it, fairly prompt to respond and thorough in his answers to our questions. \n\nOurs was a difficult task, but he handled our needs/requests/whims with aplomb and charm. His easygoing manner made the process more enjoyable, and, barring one unfortunate moment of mutual misunderstanding, rather painless. \n\nIn the end, we achieved our objective. Whether it was \"ideal\" or not, only time will tell, but we will concede that it would have been impossible without the generous and helping hand of David Marchman. We would recommend him with alacrity.
Jonathan , 09/30/2013
We came to Dave looking for a two bedroom rental home in Carroll Gardens. From the moment we first had contact with him, Dave was a true pleasure to work with. He never hesitated with the process, he followed up with us and stayed in touch to make sure all our needs were met. He showed us a beautiful brownstone apartment that had just hit the market, which we`re now happily living in...
Leah, 07/03/2012
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David Marchman, a native of New Jersey, is a seasoned business professional with a wealth of related experiences which serve him as invaluable when it comes to understanding and accurately deciphering his clients` exact needs.

A graduate of Saint Mary’s College of Maryland with a concentration in Political Science, David`s clients find that he has an engaging personality which effortlessly translates into successful transactions and satisfied clientele.

David has been everywhere - he`s worked as a ESL tutor in France, worked as a campaign fund-raiser & organizer for a number of political campaigns, and he considers himself a true champion of the people, active in the communities he resides in, as well as their civic organizations.

Communication has always been integral for David when it comes to establishing relationships with his friends and clients alike. He`s found that real estate is equal parts challenging and rewarding, but always that he always gets a personal thrill when he finds his clients exactly what they`re looking for.

For your next real estate transaction, David will work dligently with you to understand your individual requirements, then accurately provide you with the best options available in the market, and work with you to set a timeframe for a smooth relocation to or within the fantastic land that is Brooklyn.

David feels you will find his integrity-based, customer-centric approach to real estate refreshing.  It`s the true cornerstone of his overall business philosophy, and has a deep reflection in his success in the industry.

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